Sunday, January 30, 2011

CSN Stores - Online Shopping Mecca

There's online shopping, and then there's online shopping on steroids .... aka CSN Stores. You've probably read about CSN Stores on other blogs, and a few months back I did a giveaway on this blog for a CSN Stores gift certificate. Apparently I didn't scare them away the first time, so we're teaming up again. This time, however, I'll be ordering something for myself (or more likely for Mrs. Evolving), and posting a review of the product and the whole shopping experience. Hopefully I can manage to not get injured in the process of ordering or using the mystery product, but the betting odds point to me headed back to physical therapy.
So what is this CSN Stores? CSN Stores is an online conglomeration of over 200 stores/sites offering an incredibly broad range of products. The stores represented include,,, and You can find everything from power tools, to Herman Miller chairs, to great cookware, all from the comfort of your own couch, which you can then replace with a new couch from CSN Stores. The online-shopping circle-of-life if you will.
Like this ... but with credit cards
Speaking of Herman Miller chairs, many years ago a coworker of mine, due to a chronic back condition, was issued a Herman Miller chair. He worked from home on Fridays, so I asked if I could borrow his chair on Fridays. Holy comfy. It was like work was giving my butt a hug. If one could fashion a chair out of clouds and sunshine it would have a Herman Miller label on it. Sadly, the other four days of the week I had to return to my chair made from thorn-bushes and broken dreams, only to count the hours until sweet Friday came around again.

Using the ‘Search’ feature on CSN Stores is a sight to behold. Search on ‘cooking’ and you’ll be met with 6,391 items. Perhaps you’ll be interested in a cookware set, or a new set of knives, or something both functional and sensible. Not me. I’m picturing this guy hooked up to the back of my truck with enough burgers and brats to fill Lambeau

I’d be dreaming up reasons to tailgate. Jury duty …. Fire up the tailgate grill. Parent-teacher conference …. Bubba Burgers for everyone. Sunday morning mass … never good to pray on an empty stomach. The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps you find yourself dealing with an injury or two. A search on ‘physical therapy’ returns 3,262 results. Most of my therapy sessions consist of painful stretching, followed by painful strength exercises, followed by some part of my body being subjected to electrical current. However, per my CSN search, apparently this falls into the category of Physical Therapy as well.
At least now I have a goal behind my assorted breakdowns. One day they’ll take me to the room where this thing lives, and it will be glorious.

What item will I choose for my review? Not entirely sure. Maybe something running related, or maybe something cooking related. There are almost too many possibilities. Maybe I’ll get something to help with my impending return to the world of Yoga. A search of ‘Yoga’ returns a bountiful 365 items. I’m a bit intrigued by these:
I haven’t read the description or the reviews, but clearly they allow you to do yoga on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling. Imma be getting my Namaste on Spiderman-style.

Check out CSN Stores the next time you find yourself doing some cyber-shopping. You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

Disclosure: I was asked by CSN Stores to include the hyperlink to the “Herman Miller” keyword as part of their promotion, in return for a CSN credit that I will use to order and then review a product. My lust for Herman Miller chairs is genuine, as is the fact that they are way out of my price range. Butt comfort is cruel that way. Anybody that subjects themselves to my blog on a regular basis knows that customer service is a BIG DEAL to me, so I’ll pass along my ongoing experience with CSN Stores without bias based not only on the product, but the overall shopping experience.


  1. Feel free to tailgate in the middle of my next 18 mile training run.

  2. A+ post. You never fail to crack me up. If I went onto CSN I'd buy some Lavendar scented candles for my bubble bath.

  3. I'm an avide internet shopper... How the heck did I not know about CSN.... I thank you... Not sure the hubby does... Not a big fan of Yoga so hats off to you...

  4. I will have to check out CSN because I had not heard of them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your description of the chair! I will have to check them out! And I'm excited to see what you get and how it works for you!

  6. i could definitely use you at parent teacher conferences in a month or so! parents can get grumpy when they're not fed properly :)

  7. I'm all over butt comfort. That's all I got.

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