Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Training Update and Tempo 10k

Two more weeks of training in the books (technically in the spreadsheet) and things are progressing nicely.  I hit all my goals for running and lifting, and have not picked up any new ailments to add to the sad, long list.  My right Achilles is still giving me some attitude, but nothing that concerns me.  Otherwise my legs don’t feel a day over 80.

Totals for weeks 5 & 6:

Running (Goal – follow the training plan, or else!)

Week 5:  Plan (5 runs, 17 miles total)   …   Actual (5 runs, 19.45 miles total)
Week6:  Plan (5 runs, 18 miles total)   …..    Actual (5 runs, 21.21 miles total)

Lifting – Upper Body (Goal – 3 days a week)

Week 5:  4 days
Week 6:  3 day

Lifting – Legs (Goal – 1 day a week)

Week 5:  1 day
Week 6:  1 day

Abs/Core (Goal – 3 days a week)

Week 5:  3 days
Week 6:  3 days

I’m officially giving myself a gold star for the last two weeks.  Maybe I can print this out and talk my wife into hanging it on the refrigerator.  Enough with the kids’ report cards and art projects.  Haven’t they gotten jobs yet?

I will readily admit I’m fighting the urge to add more miles to the long runs.  This mileage-buildup plan is ultra-conservative, and I miss the double-digit mileage runs.  However, I recognize that my legs are composed of a mix of eggshells, fine china, and balsa wood, so I follow the plan.  However, within the constraints of the allowed distance, I needed to add a little speed work to see how my fitness is progressing, and test the ghosts of injuries past.  Headed out on Sunday morning, for the start of training week 7, with a plan of running a tempo 10k, looking for an average pace better than 8:00/mile, and looking for progressively faster negative splits for each mile.  Controlling my pace is not a strength of mine, so this would be an interesting test.

Net result – much goodness.  Overall average pace for the 6.22 miles was 7:49/mile.  Splits for the full miles:
The run felt pretty great.  The pace was surprisingly easy throughout, and I had plenty of gas left at the end.  My right Achilles was a little tight at the beginning, but loosened up well.  My right knee felt a little tight from the injury in my last marathon, so I may need to up the leg lifting to twice a week to see if that helps.  I suspect it’s mostly in my head, but I don’t want to deal with that injury and the cho-pat strap again.  Overall I’m happy with my training progress so far.  There’s still the small matter of keeping that pace going for 20 more miles, but I’m convinced that will come.  Plenty of time, and plenty of will.

Noticed that my shins were getting sore after running in one pair of my Gel Nimbus, so I added up the mileage and had crossed 340 miles, which is about as far as I can stretch a pair before my legs go Mel Gibson on me.  I’m not exactly the lightest runner in the world, and my shoes pay the price.  Ordered a new pair of Gel Nimbus and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival.  I like the Pearl Izumis so much I thought about ordering another pair of them instead, but I need some more long runs in the PIs before I’m completely sold.


  1. What a great couple of weeks! It's so hard mentally being able to push it when you're worried about those nasty injuries popping back up. I know what you mean about that Cho Pat Strap and not wanting to EVER put that on again! Your pace is awesome though and it looked really steady. Great job!

  2. this is awesome!

    HUGE gold star by your blog in my dashboard!! ;)

  3. Great job. I loved the Mel Gibson analogy - very funny!

  4. great job on nailing your workouts! and based on your 10k performance i'd say this plan is doing something right.

  5. That's quite a workout you posted! I'm impressed! And yes, you should print it all out and hang it on the fridge! That's why magnets were made! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck in the contest!

  6. WOW! Great job knocking out all your gorls and your splits look awesome! Keep it up!

  7. Great job on the gold star! Awesome run times! I'm so jealous of fast runners.

  8. Funny, I just added up the miles on my Newtons. 420 and they are starting to feel a little dead. I was hoping for more.

    Super big ol congrats on your awesome two weeks. Great job on the tempo run too. However, if you do not adhere to your plan I will have to come out to NC and hire someone to beat you up.

  9. Michael - I don't think anyone has ever called me a fast runner before. You have officially made my day, week, month .....

  10. I just found your blog and I love it. Very funny :)

  11. Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog! You're an amazing runner!! Hope the legs are strong again soon!