Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ascending slowly from the depths of this Summer’s ocean of stress.  This past week was the notification week for the layoffs at my job.  Fortunately my job was not impacted.  Doesn’t lessen my workload, and actually increases it based on the reduced headcount, but considering the alternative I have no complaints.  One less thing to worry about in the short term.
Running has been going well for the most part, but my lack of sleep and pace of work has caught up with me, and I’m seeing it in my training.  I’m getting the miles done, but seeing little to no improvement in pacing, etc.  I know I’m shortchanging my body in terms of recovery, and I’m trying to make rest a priority moving forward.  I like sleep … sleep is my friend … and I miss my friend.

After a disappointing 16-mile run last Sunday, I decided to challenge my legs with an 18-miler on a hilly local trail.  It was hot, it was challenging, and it was just what I needed.  Didn’t worry about pacing, just focused on attacking the hills.  Mission accomplished.  The best part of the run was around the 10 mile mark, when my legs were getting angry and my brain was trying to convince me the humidity wasn’t the equivalent of running underwater.  A bike passes me on the left, followed by another right behind it.  Nothing unusual with all the bikes on this course, but right behind the bikes, moving just as fast, comes a woman who may be the picture accompanying the definition of runner in the dictionary.  She moved past me like I was running backwards, a blur of compression socks, ponytails, and effortless speed.  I’ve made a (brief) career of getting chicked on a regular and prolific basis, but this took things to a whole new level.  It was an amazing thing to behold.  Sadly the inspiration didn’t make the next 8 miles any less hilly, but it was inspiring nonetheless.

I’m weeks behind on blog reading, and pretty out of the loop with running in general, but hoping to catch up soon.  I can only assume we’ve progressed beyond barefoot running, but I’m a little scared to find out what body part we’re now supposed to use for running.


  1. Great job on the 18-miler!! ...and glad your job wasn't impacted.

  2. We've gone non-corporeal and are very fast now.
    My LSD pace is about .2-.3c


  3. Glad your job was impacted - I know what it's like to be one of the few standing when the dust settles - comes with its own headaches! Get some rest and keep attacking those hills!

  4. So glad to hear that you are still employed, even if that does come with it's own set of BS.

    Nice 18 miler!

  5. chris, you're way too hard on yourself. sometimes a break from running and blog reading is a good thing. *just don't stay away too long.. :)

    Thank goodness you still have your job.. and more importantly, your health. :)

  6. Happy to hear you still have your job! And nice job getting that 18 miler done : )

  7. I'm waiting for running to be done on our heel's going to really love that!

    Happy to hear you made the cut...or didn't make the cut?....happy to hear you have a job!! :)

  8. Phew. Glad you are good. I was thinking about you the other day. Two interesting things came to mind:

    1) My kid loved JMU. It's here #2 school now out of like 15.

    2) My company is also tanking, even talk lately of your company buying my company. Crap, I hope you don't become my boss.

  9. Great to hear you still have a job, sorry to hear about all the stress. It DOES impact your running and sometimes you just have to be okay with running being no more than therapy - the speed will come back to you. Sleep - oh lord that helps. With everything. Hope you can get some.