Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Want vs Need

I’m fortunate enough that there really is very little that I need.

I am not, however, wise or enlightened enough to not find the occasional thing that I want.

For me to move from the ‘want’ stage to the ‘get’ stage is usually an epic progression of mental gymnastics and cost/benefit analysis.  I’m not cheap, but I vastly prefer to spend money on others (usually my kids) than to spend it on myself.  I can overthink simple purchases like an album on iTunes.  I still drive the same truck that I bought when I graduated from college …. in 1993.  You can only imagine the overthinking that went in to buying a road bike back in December to force the cross-training issue.

Training for marathons and other future possibilities (ultras, triathlons, cage-fighting, alligator wrestling, masked vigilante superhero, etc.) has blurred the lines between need and want to some extent, but most everything still seems to fall in the ‘want’ bucket in my mind.  Here’s what I’m wanting these days:

Kurt Kinetic Trainer
Right now I’m limited to only getting in any bike training on the roads, which is somewhat limiting based on my schedule and my desire to ride with at least one other person if there’s a reasonable amount of traffic for safety reasons.  I’d be getting a lot more cycling miles done, and getting a lot more use out of the non-trivial bike investment, if I had a trainer.  However, this is a non-trivial investment too.  There are less-expensive options, but I think you get what you pay for with these things.

Cycling Jersey(s)

The weather will warm up eventually, and once I lose all the layers I usually wear I’ll need something light-weight.  Do I really need a cycling jersey … no.  There are reasons for wearing them – form-fitting, longer in the back, zippered for ventilation, etc., but I could get by with my running tech shirts.  Doesn’t mean I wouldn't like one of these two (one because they brew my favorite adult beverage – Black Chocolate Stout, and one because you actually look like an adult beverage).

Just because I like it
Came across this tech shirt many months ago, and just really like the looks of it.  The price tag is a little hard to justify when I can use the same money to get 5 new tech shirts at Target.  If I make it a reward, however, it changes the game a bit.  Much like it’s bad form to stick a ’26.2’ magnet on the back of your car before you run a marathon, it would seem to be bad form to wear this shirt before actually running an ultra.  Assuming I can stay healthy for another two months, and can drag myself 31 miles through the sand to cross the finish line, I’m going to buy this guy after the OBX 50k in May.

At least my ‘want’ list is associated with healthy pursuits.  Healthy for me … my wallet, not so much.


  1. Dude, it's an investment in your future! That was my reasoning for my trainer, maybe it will work for you too...... LOL

  2. Love those jerseys! I've been wanting a trainer too, but my daugher got a year of dance lessons instead : )

  3. I like those jerseys! seems like the trainer would be a worthwhile investment, but I'm much the same way....it's hard to pull the trigger. I can always justify spending the money on others.

  4. Looooove that "ultra runner" shirt!! Awesome!!!!

    BTW---you posted this post at 4:44 which made me all kinds of happy.

  5. I vote for the trainer. I also need one 8)

    You mentioned having a partner when riding..there's some other considerations:

    Frankly I get very nervous trying to have a hard workout on the bike...one moment of inattention and blammo.

    With the trainer you can do your sprints or whatever, zone out if you want to in the heat of battle and not worry you are going to get mashed by a car or hit some crack in the road.

    Not to mention if the weather is bad, etc.

    I also have to ride on more congested streets for 15 min just to get to the more open stretches and a trainer will mean 30 min more riding at good HR..

    Anyway, my two cents..

  6. Dude, you may not know it, but you want - and probably need - a Sierra Nevada Arrogant Bastard Bike Jersey!