Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Real

Got my 'more cowbell' on recently and spectated at a Sprint Tri to support a friend.  The folks I was with are all about running, and biking, and swimming, and all things racing.  Someone mentioned the 50k I ran recently, and after a lot of nice, supportive comments, this was the last one I heard:

"Nice job.  Now you should run a REAL ultra."


OK.  Here's where I'll be November 3rd going after the 50 mile mark.

Time to turn the training dial up to 11.


  1. Ouch indeed! I say you did an ultra. But hats off for going for more--beast mode!

  2. Um. I think a 50K is a real ultra. But whatever...

  3. Uh - what? 50K IS a real ultra... But hey - 50M should shut the naysayers up right? Hmmmmmm...

  4. Wow - 50K seemed ultra enough to me...but then again I won't take on a marathon yet ;)

  5. Damn, so much for signing up for a 50K...