Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Slacker Redeemed

Just so I don’t create the illusion that it’s all sticking-to-the-plan and never a missed workout in my world, I completely blew it two weeks back while on business travel in San Jose.  I went from my two-a-day triathlon training, to one 8-mile run in the span of 5 days.  Yes the days were long, and yes the time-change was messing with me, but there really wasn’t any excuse.  I packed all my running gear, the weather was nice, but I got lazy and embraced the sloth.  It was both guilt-riddled and glorious.

Thankfully once I got back to NC I got back down to business.  Running is going well, biking is good and I’ve been able to get off the trainer and on the road for the last couple weekends, and swimming is slowly getting better.  I’ve started studying the videos for Total Immersion, and it seems to be helping.  Still don’t feel like my form is great, but I’m able to go more than 200 meters at a time without sucking wind, and I’m disliking trips to the pool less with each outing.  I ordered an Xterra wetsuit yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be heading out for an open-water swim in the next couple weeks.  Not a fan of cold water, so it’s not going to be pretty.  We’re running about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year, so even though I have little room to complain compared to most of the folks up North I’m still crossing my fingers that Spring will hit soon.

Signed up for the Monticelloman Olympic Tri in Charlottesville, VA on May 5, so right now that’s the first official triathlon on my calendar, and of my life.  I may sign up for a local sprint in late April.  Undecided, and not really excited about yet another race fee.  Outer Banks Flying Pirate Half coming up in 3 weeks, and I think I’m going to run it hard to see what kind of a half-marathon time I can do.  I’ve only run one other half-marathon, and I was pacing a friend in that one and really just passing the time until the Irish Pub opened on St. Patrick’s day.

Honestly … most of my races end up being about passing the time until the bar opens. 


  1. It is hard to stay motivated for tri training when your stuck indoors. OWS, while it is still swimming, is completly different feeling than swimming in a pool. Smart choice of going out and practicing it out first. As for the cold water, it is just cold for the first 5 mins or so, than you body gets use to it. If you have any triathlon questions, feel free to email me

  2. Good luck with the HM. Running it hard is the perfect way to see where your fitness is at and what you can do