Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Monday Musings

Random observations from the world of the injured:

Being hurt blows.

Driving by runners out for their workout while driving to work and injured blows.

Being injured while at the beach - doesn't blow nearly as badly.

Getting cool things in the mail from other running bloggers - awesome.

Toasted coconut ice cream - a little round ball of heaven in a bowl.  Discovered this over the weekend - holy crap it's good.

The Long Walk - one of the more disturbing and stays-with-you books I've read in a LONG time.  Took it to the beach and couldn't put it down.  This is a pretty old book by Stephen King (written as Richard Bachman) that I hadn't read for many years.  Maybe it's just because of the running and the marathon experience, but this was a riveting read.  Not for the weak of heart, but I would recommend it in the same way that you would recommend something like Silence of the Lambs or No Country for Old Men.  Hard to say you 'enjoyed' it, but emotionally it left an imprint.

20 minutes with your foot in a bucket of ice - not fun.  Amusing, however, when the puppy decides to jump in the bucket.  Not so amusing for the puppy, however.

There are an incredible number of torture devices for running injuries/stretching.  My wife finally commented on my growing collection of oddities (foam roller, The Stick, Footlog, frozen cans of beans, etc.).  If only there were an easy roadmap to which ones really work.

My Plantar is still behaving like a piece-of-fasciit.  Finished up my self-inflicted 'rest' period, and have commenced with the stretching phase, with a dare-to-dream target of running again this coming Sunday.  Will try to introduce a fairly long and past-paced walk on Thursday and see how that feels.  The saga continues...


  1. "piece-of-fasciit" Haaaaaaaaaaaa, that one rocks... Hard core.
    Planter is a female dog. Its lame, and frustrating, but when its not around I appreciate the mellow non achy arches so much!
    Golf ball... Roll it out until you can't breath, then Ice it, or vis versa, numb it with the ice then roll it..
    Hope it gets better quick style!

  2. Yep, injuries blow! I hope your comeback on Sunday is heaven...and finish it up, of course, with a bowl of coconut ice cream. YUM!!! Good LUck!!

  3. Good luck with this. It does blow big time. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice you don't have already or haven't tried already.

  4. Thanks for the good-healing mojo. Having some occasional periods of feeling sorry for myself, but mostly just hell-bent on sticking with whatever stretching, icing, etc. I can fit into my schedule.
    Haven't tried the golf-ball yet. Been using a tennis ball, but the golf ball seems like a better choice for really grinding into foot and working out the kinks. Will add that to the repertoire today.

  5. I swear, when I'm not running I see runner's everywhere! It's like they know you can't run and are taunting you with each step! Good luck with the injury, I def know how it goes. You'll be out there running again in no time, don't let the injury define you... you are STILL a runner and you will be out there being a runner again soon! Sending speedy recovery vibes your way!

    P.S. Running Spike (my bf) had a serious case of PF as well, you should shoot him an email and maybe he will have some ideas for you.

  6. Lol on the puppy! I bet that was quite a shock! I was reading some older posts about your injury. Bummer! make sure you take the time to heal properly, but don't give up on running! take care, hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Piece of fasciit :) very creative!

    Hope the run goes well on Thursday and that Sunday is a GO!!!

  8. Sorry about your injury! It sounds like you're close to getting back. I don't have any advice on PF, never had it. I would only say to be careful getting back to running, not too much too soon. Good luck!!

  9. Hello! Hope you had a great vacation at the Outer Banks. I've been going most of my life too. I can't really offer any advice on your injuies, but I hope they get better soon and I understand how you feel.

  10. I am an injury prone runner, so i know how you feel. This last injury never felt like it would is so fun to be pain free!

  11. Thought I'd pop on over and say hi. Little did I know I would be tickled after I visited and want to stay for a long time!

    There's nothing like a good Stephen King book at the beach! Glad you're a fan of the OBX. Maybe when you get your heel ready to rock and you visit the 'rents again, we could run the 4.5 to Avalon route - that's Milepost 4.5 to Avalon Pier and back on the beach. A great run that I do often.

    Run on.