Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tarzan Couldn't Take This Kind of Hot

The brutal heat continues to broil North Carolina, 97 today and 99 predicted for tomorrow, and although I generally like to spend some quality time with the Air Conditioning, when it comes to running I’m loving every blazing minute of it. Not just because I like running in the heat and working up a quality sweat, but also because for the second time in three days I was able to get out and run like the wind …. or perhaps like a slight breeze.

My foot wasn’t feeling exceptionally happy this morning when I got up, but I went through the usual massage and stretching routine, and it felt good enough to give it a run. Walked the first mile, then ran for 3.07 miles (meant to do 3 miles, but got caught up in a good tune on the ipod), then walked the last .93 miles. Went ahead and stepped up the pace a bit on the run today to see how that would feel on my foot (splits 8:44, 8:44, 8:34), and generally it felt OK. I’m definitely not over my PF issues, but hopefully I can keep this momentum going and keep on training without any major setbacks.

Finally listened to the entire new Train album (Save Me San Francisco), and found another good running song …. Parachute. Adding it to my regular rotation.

REI is having a Summer Sale & Clearance, and one of the things they have on sale is Hammer Gels for $0.89, versus the regular price of $1.25. I know lots of runners use the Hammer Gels since they’re less prone to potentially upset the stomach than Gu or some of the others. Looks like the price is good through 7/5, so hopefully this helps folks save a little money. I’ve never had any trouble with Gu, but Hammer is the gel sponsor for my next marathon, so I’m starting to try them out. Only got a chance to try the Apple Cinnamon before I got hurt, and thought it was pretty tasty, as far as gels go. Will start sampling the others with this nice little price reduction. Anybody have any flavor suggestions?

Need to get myself a second pair of running shoes and retire a pair with about 250 miles on them. To Nimbus or not to Nimbus … that is the question. Time to go try on some alternatives and see where I end up.


  1. Thanks for the song suggestion! Just downloaded it.

    Glad to hear your foot is cooperating. :)

  2. Looks like a trip to REI is in my future! I like Hammer Gel becuase they are a more viscous than Gu and go down a lot easier on the run than does a Gu. Apple Cinnamonis my favorite. There is a tropical flavor and a raspberry flavor that's pretty good.

  3. Did someone just say 'REI' and 'sale' in the same sentence? ::squeals:: I am so there.

    I hope your PF calms down. I ran a bit on grass today and my feet were on fire within minutes. Urgh.

  4. I also like running in the heat. I definitely prefer it to the cold! Good that your foot is feeling better.
    Thanks for the tip on the REI sale. I love REI and I also love Hammer gels, montana huckleberry is my favorite flavor Hammer gel. They also have a Perpetuam product that's great for longer runs. Good luck!

  5. I don't mind the heat but the humidity is killer! I hope your PF heals quickly! I just started using the GU. It seems to agree with me and works well.

  6. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. Mizuno as been very good to me. And I'm in Atlanta and we're have the same weather. I'm managing to get my weekly runs in but not my weekends. Too much playing on Saturday and recovering on Sunday, if you know what I mean.

  7. Shoot me an email of you need some Recovery drink recommendations (jeffirvn AT gmail DOT com).

    Right now i am using Ultragen from 1st Endurance and it is the best recovery drink I have ever used. It has a really nice ratio between carbs, protein, L-glutamine, amino acids, and calories. Check it out -- my fav flavor is cappacino!

    Check out the EFS Gel Shots too! I usually use GU or Hammer but when the heat gets in the high 90's my sweat rate is ridiculous and the EFS has 1500mg of Sodium per 5oz serving. Awesome gel for the bike!

  8. Hi there! Finally getting a chance to check out your blog, and happy I did. Congratulations on your first marathon! Wahoo! So sorry about the Plantar Fascitis. I've so far not had to struggle with that one but hear it's quite painful and difficult to get over.

    So you're doing your 2nd in Nov? Philly, perhaps?

    I had my first run this morning in non-96% humidity-90 freaking degree weather. Looks like the heat has finally abated a bit. Good timing for my 4 x 1 mile tempo runs this morning!

    Keep it up! I look forward to getting to know you!

  9. btw- to enter the recovery/energy gel/drink discussion, I'm a total follower of Accelerade and Accel Gel. They have the patent on the all-important 4:1 carbs to protein ratio. I have been SIGNIFICANTLY less sore after marathons by having used the Accel gel during marathons. I swear by it. They don't carry it in many running stores - I order it online. Matt Fitzgerald, running and tri coach/guru, recommends it in his publications.