Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seven Deadly Evolving Secrets

There are some secrets too unthinkable to be revealed.  Too remarkable to comprehend.  These are not those secrets.

Kittee, from Running Half Crazy, has tagged me with the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’.  I’ve been called many things, but stylish is rarely on the list.  Nonetheless, I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the original members of Menudo, and of course Chuck Norris.
According to the laws of the Stylish, I am obliged to share 7 things about myself.  Here they are, in no particular order of stylishness:

  1. I’m not ambidextrous by the strict definition of the word, but I write left handed, shoot a basketball right handed, throw a baseball/football left handed, golf right handed, bowl left handed, throw a Frisbee right-handed.  Sadly, I do none of these things exceptionally well.  I clap equally well with both hands.
  2. I owe a debt of gratitude (or a debt of kick-in-the-pants) to my wife’s youngest sister and her husband for pushing me out of the nest and into the world of running marathons.  I had never really considered running one until they ran one together and encouraged me to give it a try.  Despite my injuries and setbacks I’m grateful for the inspiration.  I’m hoping someday we can get our schedules in synch and run one together.
  3. I’ve never been in a Turkish prison (but I enjoy quoting movies, even indirectly, much to the chagrin of my wife)
  4. I am generally a fairly stoic individual, yet acts of kindness or perseverance through extreme adversity can reduce me to tears.  It doesn’t even have to be something epic or monumental – for example, I tear up watching ‘Extreme Home Makeover’.  I do this while eating nails and drinking motor oil to maintain my ‘manly’ equilibrium.
  5. I’ve been to 46 of the 50 U.S. states.  My father was in the Navy, and after college I worked in management consulting for 15 years travelling almost every week.  I’m a cowboy … on a steel horse I ride.
  6. I am deeply envious of those who can draw/paint well.  I’m a fairly capable artist, if I’m duplicating somebody else’s work, but I’ve never been able to draw something well as my own creation ... yet.
  7. I'm a fairly private and introverted person ... and yet I write a blog.  I don't mind being the center of attention on occasion, especially if it includes embarrassing my kids somehow, but I definitely don't seek it out.  Despite this introversion, I was Daddy Warbucks in my 3rd-grade play of Annie, and Prince Charming in my 6th-grade production of Cinderella.  Even I don't understand me much of the time.

I don't think there are many out there that haven't already gotten this award, or some version of this award, but if there are, consider yourself tagged.  Didn't your mothers teach you it's good to share?


  1. I would hazard a guess that a lot of bloggers are normally introverted individuals. Blogging gives them an outlet.

  2. I loved your list. I'll have to share #4 with my husband :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your number 5 has me "sold" . . . I am a sucker for any Bon Jovi lyrics (being a Jersey girl and all).

    Completely understand. I hate being the center of attention but love my blog go figure!

    Have a great day!

  4. Loved the Bon Jovi lyrics and I am a introvert who blogs as well!

  5. You and my dad have #1 in common. It's always amazed me how he can be so coordinated with one hand dominating one thing and so awkward with it doing another.

  6. I'm envious of artsy people, my daughter being one of them. So glad you've never been in a Turkish prison!!

  7. I didn't know that you are a cry baby.

  8. Chris - My tears are a manly mixture of battery acid and panther sweat.

  9. I'm envious of pretty much anyone with easily provable talent, be it drawing, singing, pistol squats.

  10. LOL! Hilarious. I also love quoting movies. Thank God you gave props to Menudo for this award. They can get pretty pissy if left out. And Chuck, well Chuck doesn't need them to know he's badass.

  11. Blogging is a great outlet for us introverts. And I love that you cry over acts of kindness. Even if it is while eating nails.

  12. Awwww, I work in mgmt consulting now and I've only been to 30ish states. Hrmph.