Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 Days 'till My First 50

The prep work is largely complete.
Somehow, barring a stray sniper clipping me on my last short run on Wednesday, I made it through my training plan with no significant injuries.

Saturday morning at 7AM I’ll be taking the first step in my first try at a 50-mile Ultra.  According to some who dismissed my 50K as “just a long marathon”, this will be my first foray into ultramarathons.  I’ve never gone beyond 32 miles in a single run before, training or racing.  The great unknown.  Testing my mental and physical boundaries.  I’m really looking forward to this.

I've survived 24 weeks of training specifically targeted for this race.  My underlying training plan was specifically defined for running.  I tried to add in cross-training, including weight training, along the way.  I was able to stick very closely to the plan.  You never know what you’re body is going to feel like on race day, but mentally I feel good about my training:
  • 1,055 miles of running
  • 297 miles on the bike
  • 33 trips to the gym for strength training (mostly upper body and core)

Despite the hurricane currently wreaking havoc on the Eastern U.S., the forecast for Saturday looks good.  Lows in the 30s, highs in the upper 50s, and sunshine.  I know better than put too much stock in extended forecasts, but I’m hoping this forecast holds up.  Mostly just hoping the rain stays away.

I’ve got my race day strategy figured out, and have a loose plan for nutrition and hydration.  Past races have taught me that I have a tendency to overhydrate and over-carb (gels, chomps, etc.) on race day, so I’m taking the less-is-more approach here that worked well in my recent marathon.

My biggest focus this week, aside from packing properly, is getting sleep.  I can’t fix my poor job of getting sleep over the last few months, but I can get myself to bed early and sleep as late as the taper allows this week, so I’m feeling well-rested on race day.

One key decision still remains open …. the official post-race celebratory craft beer.  These races serve as an excuse to overspend on an unusual craft-brewed Stout, so I have to choose wisely.  If that’s the biggest worry on my mind right now, then I know I’m feeling confident.

Bring on the Fiddy.


  1. Good luck!! So excited for you!

  2. Wow, which BEvERage to choose. Life is tough......

  3. Best of luck! YOu will rock it I'm sure. I'm pretty sure which craft beer to choose would be the last thing on my mind, but glad it's keeping you preoccupied at the moment! Choose wisely!

  4. I'm way jealous! I looked at doing this 50K for my first one so I'll be anxious to hear how it goes but sounds like you have it under control :)

  5. Good luck! Nailing the training plan is already a victory!

  6. Best of luck! You have had a great training cycle - very psyched for you!!

  7. HOw did it go? Can't wait to hear. I am keen to hear more about your training plan - let me know if you woudl be prepared to share some over email. I'm keen to do a 50M race next year, possibly in the US, so would love to see what you did.

    PS have moved across to wordpress at petraruns.wordpress.com

  8. Good luck - I know you'll be awesome. I'm watching you close on this one - my first 50 is in the spring, I'll probably ask for a lot of tips.