Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Lost Blogger

Once upon a time I blogged on a regular basis.

In many of those posts I made mention of having a few too many things going at once, and not getting enough sleep.  It dawned on me that writing and reading blog posts was one more thing I was trying to wedge into the day, often late at night when I should be sleeping and recovering from the early-morning workouts.  So …. the blog got pushed well down into the depths of the to-do list, and suddenly two months had passed.

Some quick updates since last I felt bloggish:
  • My wife and two partners opened a tennis shop, and things are going really, really well.  Steep learning curve in the world of retail, but every day brings a new lesson, and learning is never a bad thing
  • Ultra training has been going very well, and I’ve been able to avoid any issues beyond the usual aches and pains that seem to come with running in your 5th decade.  I’ve dialed the biking way back and focused on quality running.  260 miles in August, 265 miles in September.  Really enjoyed the warm weather, and not looking forward to icy morning runs in the months ahead.
  • In the category of “hasn’t quite registered yet”,  I signed up for the inaugural Ironman 70.3 in Raleigh coming in June of 2013.  I’ve been toying with the inevitable move to triathlons, and since this one starts about 15 minutes from my house, it seemed like destiny.  Guess I’ll have to get back into the pool once I’m through my upcoming races.  Damn pool.
  • In three days I’m driving up to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia to run the Freedom’s Run marathon.  My training plan called for a 25 mile run, so I figured I’d add an extra mile and have some fun with a race.  Treating it as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for my upcoming ultra, using my run/walk approach.  Hopefully my legs will bounce back quickly so I can wrap up the rest of my training.
  • Three weeks after the Freedom’s Run I’m off to Nashville for my first attempt at a 50-miler.  I’m feeling good about my training, but don’t really know what to expect beyond 31 miles, which is the farthest I’ve run in a race or training.  Should be interesting.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve got lots of blog reading to catch up on, but (hopefully) not at the expense of sleep.  Damn sleep.


  1. Missed your posts... glad you're well! enjoy Freedom's run!

  2. I ran the Freedom's Run marathon way back as a newbie runner (it was my second marathon!) and it would be good ultra training - if the course hasn't changed you'll get some nice flat trail and some really hilly asphalt as well. It was not at all easy, but then, it was also my second race, so of course it seemed a lot harder to me.
    I used to live in Middleway , WV, and we went to Harper's Ferry and walked/ran on the towpath several times a month. It was surreal to go back and do it again 20 years later! It's a gorgeous area and I would be lying if I didn't say a little piece of me isn't always homesick.

    1. My father and I used to go to Harper's Ferry with our canoe and fish for smallmouth bass ... probably about 25 years ago. Haven't been back since, so this should bring back some nice memories. I've heard the course is pretty tough, but I'm very interested to see the parks it goes through.

  3. For someone who doesn't have enough time, triathlon is an interesting choice. :)

  4. that's quite a way to dabble in triathlon, a 70.3?!?!

  5. All kinds of exciting things. See you at Freedom's Run!

  6. good to hear from you... I look forward to hearing about your "training marathon"

  7. Hey glad to hear all is well with you! 70.3 as your first tri - I love it! Hope all goes well with the marathon!

  8. Chris - you are awesome. 11/3. YOU'VE sooooooooooooooo freaking got it.

    I never ran farther than a marathon before my 50!! YOU WILL ROCK NASHVILLE!!