Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Totally 80's .... Totally Hungover

(My lovely wife in the lovely blue jumpsuit)

“Nothing good ever happens after 1AM”. So goes the conventional wisdom when stories come out about athletes getting in fights at bars, celebrities doing faceplants on the pavement in front of the paparazzi, and 40ish folks reliving their 80’s glory and getting creative with drink combinations after the DJ has packed up and the alcohol is in full effect.

My wife’s 40th birthday party this past Saturday night was a huge success. Everyone really embraced the 80s theme, which made for some great outfits and a lively night of dancing to some great 80’s music. There were Madonnas a-plenty, everyone’s favorite groundskeeper Carl Spangler, plenty of preppies, and yours-truly went AWOL from Top Gun training for a bit to bring Maverick to the party.

My wife was pretty specific with what she wanted at the party, so it definitely wasn’t a surprise, so I figured I had to come up with some way to surprise her. I’m a man of few words, and not prone to drawing attention to myself in social situations, so I figured singing to my wife in front of all the guests would catch her offguard. Mission accomplished. Fortunately/unfortunately it was all caught on video …

I had resolved that I would keep my drinking at a respectably low level to maintain a slight buzz for the evening, which I succeeded at until around 1:30AM when the DJ had to leave, and we broke out the iPods and started playing our own music. The drinks for the evening consisted of a keg of Pale Ale from a local brewery (which was WAY too good), pitchers of a mixed-drink called a Sweet Tart which was chosen because it had Midori in it so it was a nice neon green which matched the neon-heavy 80’s theme, and jello shots made with 4 different neon-ish colors/flavors of jello. Lots of folks brought bottles of wine for gifts, and one neighbor, as part of a running joke, brought a bottle of Jagermeister. We also tried to come up with various 80’s stuff to have around the house, including neon jelly bracelets, Rubik’s cubes, and Pop Rocks.

Around 2AM, with the party still going strong, suddenly the Jagermeister appears. The last of the jello shots get gathered up as well, and of course the Pop Rocks come front and center. At this point various combinations of these three are tried by many, unfortunately including myself, with varying results. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I can assure you that a jello shot with Pop Rocks sprinkled on top, with a healthy dose of Jager to activate the Rocks does not make for a very tasty shooter. That’s not to say that several rounds weren’t consumed, I just wouldn’t recommend it.

We finally got to bed sometime between 3AM and 4AM, and Sunday was a foggy haze of cleaning up and taking naps. The only worthwhile activity I accomplished Sunday was my stretching therapy, but I checked my workout log and realized that since I got cleared to start running again I had alternated running days and lifting days for 18 straight days, so it was probably good to give my body a rest. At least that’s what I used to convince myself, and pay no attention to the liver abuse that prompted the rest day.

All in all a great party, and my wife had a wonderful time, which made it all worthwhile. Her actual birthday is today, and for a present I got her a new setting for her wedding ring, which she got a few days early and grins every time she looks at it, which is really fun to watch.

One final photo – we setup a camera in the living room for folks to take pictures of themselves in their 80’s attire. I needed to get the camera and flash adjusted so it was just a point-and-click exercise, so I needed a test subject, and my camera-seeking-missile of a daughter was only too happy to fill the role. Here’s one of many shots. She’s only 8, so I see lots of ulcers in this dad’s future.

A couple of good giveaways to link to today, since after the party and the ring I'm a big fan of anything free:


  1. Ha! The pictures are better then I could have imagined! Great post, I could almost taste the pop rocks shooters!

  2. This is awesome.

    Cracked me up. My parents said that EXACT line to me growing up, “Nothing good ever happens after 1AM”. Guess what my curfew was!? ;)

  3. BEST ever!! Your wife is so cute and she's lucky to have you. Happy 40th Julie!

  4. That was an AWESOME post! I loved it! What a great husband....and you have a beautiful wife...PERFECT!!!!
    Happy Birthday Julie!!!

  5. what a totally rad night! Ha. Funny how you can be so good unitl a certain point and then it all goes to pot...well not pot, like literally pot ;P