Friday, August 13, 2010

Throwback Training Tunes vol. 5 – triple-shot 1993 edition

The quest continues…
  • Building a playlist with running songs from each of the last 20 years of the 20th century (1980-1999)
  • None of the songs in this list can be in any of the existing playlists on my iPod. As much as I love all the blogging runners and running bloggers out there, this list is for me too.
  • Mainstream to alternative, well-known to abundantly obscure, anything is a potential candidate
  • I’m test-driving anything I post with a listen during at least two training runs
  • Trying to link to a video or audio-clip of the song so we can all remember how awesome we looked in our killer 80s and 90s fashions.

Prior Throwbacks:

‘Ceremony’ by New Order (1981)
‘Look to the Sky’ by the March Violets (1986)
‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ by LL Cool J (1990)
Three Strange Days – School of Fish (1991)
Enter Sandman – Metallica (1991)

Today’s Throwbacks:

Rearviewmirror – Pearl Jam (1993) – I was a big fan of Pearl Jam back when they were hugely popular, but by their 4th album I found that most of their stuff had gone in a different direction than the sound I really liked. They have quite a few songs that make for good running music, but this song has a combination of sound and lyrics that really bring a wave of energy. “I gather speed, from you f-ing with me” …. Gotta love that lyric. Note of caution – running in full grunge apparel, although stylish and rebellious, is not recommended.
A Murder of One - Counting Crows (1993) – The Crows’ first album was a thing of beauty from beginning to end, and this song is a GREAT running song from the second the drums and guitars kick in after a brief intro. Amazing that such a strong debut album could be followed up by so many craptacular efforts. Tried to see these guys in concert in Florida right after this album came out, but Adam Duritz was so stoned that they couldn’t even manage to go on stage. I suppose that’s considered cool if you’re a rock star, but not so cool for those who were foolish enough to buy tickets.

Looking Through Patient Eyes - PM Dawn (1993) – I’m guessing you didn’t see this one coming. Stumbled across this disc while digging through the old collection, and threw this song on the iPod with no real expectations, other than remembering I liked it when it originally came out. Surprisingly, I find it works for me as a running song. Mellows out the middle miles of a run nicely with a smooth sound. Not really sure what ever became of these guys, but this disc was pretty big back in the day.


  1. Between Pearl Jam, LL Cool Jay and New Order.....I think we're music soulmates.

  2. I love me some counting crows. Not sure if I'm familiar with that song though.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sandman. classic.

    Love it.

  4. My choice would be Pearl Jam, but I guess it's not really my ipod we're talking about here.

  5. All good choices! Love the throwbacks!

  6. Thanks for helping me find some cool choices for my ipod :)