Friday, August 27, 2010

Throwback Training Tunes vol. 7 – 1994 edition

Sadly, in the battle of iPod vs Thunderstorm, the thunderstorm appears to have gotten the upper hand. The iPod still plays music fine, but the backlight no longer works on the screen, so it’s a bit hard to see what it is playing, or make any selections. We’ve made it onto the LCD-transplant list, but it’s a long process and we never know when we might get the call. In the meantime, however, we’re not going to let a small thing like a dark screen get in the way of the throwback tunes search. That which does not kill our iPod, only makes our iPod stronger…
  • Building a playlist with running songs from each of the last 20 years of the 20th century (1980-1999)
  • None of the songs in this list can be in any of the existing playlists on my iPod. As much as I love all the blogging runners and running bloggers out there, this list is for me too
  • Mainstream to alternative, well-known to abundantly obscure, anything is a potential candidate
  • I’m test-driving anything I post with a listen during at least two training runs 
Prior Throwbacks:

‘Ceremony’ - New Order (1981)
'Don’t Change’ – INXS (1982)
‘Turn to the Sky’ - The March Violets (1986)
‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ - LL Cool J (1990)
‘Three Strange Days’ – School of Fish (1991)
‘Enter Sandman’ – Metallica (1991)
‘Rearviewmirror’ – Pearl Jam (1993)
‘A Murder of One’ - Counting Crows (1993)
‘Looking Through Patient Eyes’ - PM Dawn (1993)

Today’s Throwbacks:

She – Green Day (1994) – A song that got greatly overshadowed by the other hugely-successful and ultimately overplayed songs from the Dookie album. Starts out with a nice quiet buildup to the typical Green Day energy you would expect. Kind of a short song, but still good for passing the time while training.

Machinehead – Bush (1994) – One of several very popular songs from Bush’s most popular album, Sixteen Stone. The intro to this song is one of those sports-arena staples that you’ll hear during timeouts or breaks in the action. The driving beat in this one is great for a pick-me-up during a run. Not really sure exactly what the lyrics are supposed to mean … but sometimes it's less about the lyrics and more about the energy.


  1. I am up for the challenge ... Mr. Spock has analyzed your strategy and the conclusion ... "definitely 2-D" ... your missing a whole dimension bud! You will of course have Van Halen, AC/DC, Journey and Bon Jovi but these?

    Honeymoon Suite - "New Girl Now" (1984), "Feel It Again" (1986)
    Cake - "The Distance" (1996)
    Bonnie Tyler - "Holding Out for a Hero" (1984)
    Triumph - "Magic Power" (1981), "Hold On" (1980)

    === out of the running
    Trooper - "We're Here For A Good Time (Not a Long Time)" (1977), "Raise A Little Hell" (1978)
    Everything from the Boston Debut Album (1976)

  2. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys (1994) A great song!

  3. Heather - Couldn't agree more about Sabotage. It's already on one of my playlists, so technically I couldn't include it. Don't know which is better, the song or the video.

  4. I love Machinehead, but what else is Bush known for? Seems like they've always been popular but I'm at a loss as to what else they sing!

  5. where is our friend T.P? No no not the bathroom one, Tom Petty?

  6. I liked this post! Is Blink-182 on any of your existing playlists? Just sayin' is all...

  7. I, for one, applaud your choices. Standing ovation in fact.